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Antimar ®

2010 saw the range of Antimar products expand vastly to incorporate all our polymer products. This enables you to specify Antimar on every site and know that the range is so wide that there is a product for every application.

The original yellow textured Antimar is still as popular as ever with its unique rolls being supplied folded which makes for easier handling especially up stairways etc. Our widely recognised PP90 woven floor protection has been moved under the Antimar brand in recognition of our confidence in this product.

We have also brought all our polythenes and bubble-wrap products under this brand, taking care to only include products with the level of quality you associate with Antimar, the Antimar range includes the following:

Yellow textured sheeting
Reinforced polypropylene sheeting
Polythene and bubble product

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The Swiftec brands

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Swiftec Who We Are

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