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Antinox ®

Antinox the market leader in corrugated protection board is available exclusively from the Swiftec Group and offers a comprehensive range for construction use. It is the only flame retardant protection board certified to both LPS1207 and Certifire as recognised by the Joint Construction Industry code of practice.

Antinox is the only brand of protection board that has an anti-static/flame retardant board which is fully approved to LPS 1207 and is used widely on power stations around the country. 
All boards can now be produced up to 1.5m in width after the installation of a new extrusion line.

Antinox has been around for many years and is quite justified in claiming market leadership due to its commitment to continual product development.

Switching your supplies to Antinox ensures that your site is better protected and so are you. Insist on Antinox on your site!

Visit our Antinox website here

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