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Welcome to the Swiftec Wholesale division

wholesale-logoSwiftec Wholesale Division looks after all of our Merchant and Reseller clients. This division has built its reputation on delivering some of the market leading brands within the industry at extremely competitive prices aiding successful growth for our clients and a strong relationship in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Partnership

Hand shakeSwiftec Wholesale Division is all about relationships – We believe that in order for us to become a vital part of your supply chain we need a relationship that is geared to the benefit of all. We are dedicated to build long lasting relationships with all our clients and this has given us our current position as leader in the supply of protection materials to those in the Merchant and Reseller market.

Corporate Branding

computer-swiftecSwiftec Wholesale specialise in Custom Branding. This is an invaluable way of advertising your company and promoting market exposure for your brand. As all of our materials are provided in bulk to Merchants and Resellers this enables us to brand your products to your specification giving you a valuable marketing tool for very minimal additional expenditure.

Customer Services

headsetOur very existence is based on our committal to customer service excellence. As a Merchant and Reseller you can rely on Swiftec Wholesale to commit to you throughout the complete order process. Some of our commitments are:

  • A commitment to have the fastest quote response time within the industry.
  • A commitment to get back to our clients before it is anticipated in every situation.
  • Dedicated account managers, technical assistance and knowledgeable staff.

Any enquiry large or small we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on the enquiry form below and we will be in touch straight away.



The Swiftec <span>brands</span>
The Swiftec brands

We stock Superior brands
giving you the confidence of a quality product which is proven in a competitive market place.

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Swiftec <span>Who We Are</span>
Swiftec Who We Are

Nationwide Suppliers of protection for every stage of Construction. Since being established in 1976 …..

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Talk To Us <span>Today</span>
Talk To Us Today

Our dedicated Customer Services team and Account managers are here to help, advise and support.

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